Mechanism of success

Atonik is a plant growth regulator and biostimulant based on 3 nitrophenolates (naturally occurring compounds in plant cells) approved in the European union and registered in many countries as a plant protection product. Atonik has many benefits, including regulating flowering, fruit setting and fruit growth, it increases the production of natural auxins and boosts cytoplasmic streaming, thus promoting larger yields and higher quality crops at harvest.

Plants treated with Atonik show better growth and generative development, improved biomass accumulation, membrane integrity and cell wall lignification through optimisation of cellular function including more efficient photosynthesis and use of available water. Atonik reduces the negative impact of biotic and abiotic stress, helping the plant to thrive throughout the growing season. Preventive treatment activates plant defence systems, making plants more resistant to diseases and certain insect pests (e.g. throught stronger cell walls). Atonik builds better tolerance to unfavourable growing conditions (including drought, low temperature and soil salinity) and accelerates regeneration of plants after damaging conditions such as frost, hail, phytotoxicity from use of some selective herbicides.

Atonik is the ideal product for promoting healthy growth, quick recovery from stress conditions, higher yields and better quality crops. Atonik is used at low rates and provides growers with a cost-effective, sustainable solution.

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Smart Biostim Power

Samppi (Kemppi) is unique highly concentrated liquid organo-mineral fertilizer for foliar application produced by company OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. in Japan. Unlike other products Samppi contains Smart Biostim Power composition.

Smart combination of nutrients, organic acids, sugars and adjuvant ensures significantly faster, more effective uptake and distribution in plants. Organic acids (succinic, citric, tartaric and malic) and sugars (glucose, sucrose) stimulate biochemical processes, provide energy for intensive plant growth and development, especially in crops where sugar content and colouring are important quality factors. Samppi helps the crops grow healthier and stronger with positive effects on yield parametres. Samppi is chemically stable and can be mixed with insecticides and majority of fungicides.

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